Handy Power Wash Service LLC. VETERAN OWNED

Bucks County
7AM - 6PM

Siding Power Washing

Handy PowerWash can clean all types of homes sidings ranging from Brick, Vinyl, Aluminum, Stucco, Concrete, Dryvit, Masonry, and Wood siding. Its never a bad Idea to get your house clean. Many times your house will not look like it needs a cleaning because you don’t see any black or green but this does not mean it doesn’t need a clean.

Many times in fact there is, but with the naked eye we are not able to pick up on this. Before you know it, its to late. Algae will start to spread like a wild fire covering your exterior surfaces. A good way to catch it in most cases is to take a look underneath the channels of your siding or shaded areas that don’t get much sun. It tends to form in these common locations.