Handy Power Wash Service LLC. VETERAN OWNED

Bucks County
7AM - 6PM

Roof Cleaning

Why is my roof discolored or have clumps of algae growing you may ask. A species of algae other known as Gleocapsa Magma. This algae particles can be transported through the air and grow upon roof structures. The algae not only makes your roof look unpleasant but it also will damage and reduce the life of your roof. It damages the roof do to the fungus that which break down the asphalt shingle.

The granules that protect the shingle get disturbed and fall off. Our name is Handy PowerWash but we use nothing with power its all about using the proper chemical to treat the surface we are cleaning.

In no circumstance you ever use high PSI on a roof or for almost any surface, in a matter of fact. Its all about the chemistry! Using high psi also can insure that it will damage a roof. Handy PowerWash applies a soft wash application of a chemical that eliminate the very such thing that is killing your roof.